Music video for Thomas Vaquié

Music by Thomas Vaquié

Video directed by Nico Neefs

Original artwork and concrete cast by Yannick Jaquet

Images by Nico Neefs & Corentin Kopp

Edit & Post-production by Nico Neefs

Video produced by Charles Kinoo for Less Is More Studio and Nicolas Boritch for Anti-VJ

Everything in this video was made using the sound waves of the track Ether. Equipped with a home-made micro lens, a camera travels inside physical representations of the musical composition, from a concrete mountain built from the spectrogram of the music, to eruptions of metal powder caused by rhythmic impulsions.

Digital, double vinyl and limited resin cast editions available on Bandcamp:

© Antivj recordings Filmed at BFC Studio, Brussels 2018.

The concrete sculptures are a special edition of the Ecume artwork, designed by Yannick Jacquet.

Thanks to the BFC Studio, the Nihilist Club, Filipos, Perrine, Rudy and his wonderfull lens, the frequencies and the magic, Victor Georgel, Arthur Ancion, Ariane Plateau, The Castle, and everybody around.

© 2018 Antivj recordings ℗ Antivj recordings

On set pictures

Frequency testing – (Caution – extreme frequencies audio – don’t watch with headphones)