Nico Neefs

Based in Brussels, Belgium
Born August 2nd 1987


Who are you? What do you do?

I used to call myself a photographer. Though I’m actually dedicated to many passions and so happen to be in an open relationship with many image making techniques. Always taking the best from each worlds, from high end robotics to diy low budget solutions, as long as it’s wrapped, it’s all good to me.
So call me what you want, to be honest, I like to stay untitled while being efficient and usefull.

But Actually, what do you do?

In order to make myself clear, here’s a scope of my different skills, experiences, selected past jobs and stuff I spent time on.
(In order of appearence from the most recent all the way back to my first love)

  • Motion Control operator on Mark Roberts Motion Control Rigs. Currently working and learning with Alex DeHeus from Motion Control Europe (High speed Bolt, Milo, Modula & Panther Dolly.)
  • Nuke and vfx compositing techniques – Assistant to VFX Supervisor Phillipe Désiront on “Kursk” / directed by Thomas Vinterberg. Europacorp.
  • Art direction / DIY / Guerilla 21st Century-Guerilla Jack of all trades-one man band at EMD Music Europe, working for the musical instruments brands STAGG MUSIC and REMO.
  • Proud Daddy of a little girl, professional stroller driver.
  • I spend time in the dark doing Analog B&W and Color photographic print, I like to spend time in the lab of my friend Yvan Guerdon.
  • I love to play with physical laws and find meaning to them. Check the project I did with Thomas Vaquié “Ether”.
  • I get along with digital manipulation, retouching, editing, color grading,…softwares are good to me. (And I think those graphics showing your skills in Adobe are a bit pointless)
  • I can do most of the so called “man work”, I mean, I can lift heavy things, load trucks, paint walls, fix bikes, build stuff from scratch, use all kinds of tools like saws, screwdriver, knives and sanding paper. I don’t have no crossfit club subscribtion though.
  • Founding member of The Castle (rip) / Brussels, underground and loud psych rock gigs, zines, love, life & laughs in a 19th century magic city house.
  • I can programm DMX, that means, from 1 to 512, I can program lighting to meet your every need.
  • Stellar Swamp organiser / Brussels’s psychedelic music festival. (booking, pimping, creating the visual ID with G. Gauthier), powered by scratches and passion.
  • Finding solutions for complicated lighting solutions, reflections, tricky materials,etc… Shooting photography of Objects, design, architecture and artworks for galeries, artists and designers such as Maarten DeCeulaer, Victor Hunt, Nilufar,.. published in many magazines such as DAMN, WALLPAPER, L’OFFICIEL, VOGUE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, DOMUS, ELLE DECORATION,etc…
  • Founding member of Studio With A View, a large warehouse dedicated to creation where I had my studio for a few years.
  • Collaborating with numerous bands from the Brussels’s local music scene and abroad. From directing music videos right through seting-up visual ID’s, to diy live vjing and lighting solution.
  • I love to shoot portraits and people I meet, this is quiet of an old love.
  • With Ben C. and Charles K. we used to have a punk band where we played no music, it was called “Les Photographes”. It was around 2009, while you were throwing parties, we’d sneakily set up stupid ideas with our flashes and our laser printer and we’d covered the walls with the results of our insanity. (see TetjesMaton). Later on, another group of delighted professionals called “Les photographes” as well, kindly asked us to give them back their name, this lead us to split the band.

– This is a non-exhaustive list.
– I still hate putting things in boxes.
– I write my very first curiculum vitae in 2019.
– I don’t know what’s the next camera you should buy.
– I won’t do your wedding, unless maybe at the bar, but I’m not drinking that much anymore.